Cold Saws, Ferrous

Cold saws are sawing machines that use a circular saw blade to cut metal. These sawing machines transfer the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the saw blade. Therefore, the blade and material being cut remain cold. A cold saw cut produces minimal burr, no sparks, no discoloration and no dust. A flood coolant system is typically used to cool the blade.

Ferrous saws are available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic models. They can be equipped with such features as CNC controls, loading devices, automatic mitering, dual heads, etc.
  Manufacturer, Model, Capacity Year Stock
Used Bewo Fully Automatic Cold Saw
Model CAP 80D
Capacity  3-1/8" Diameter
1996 9872
Used Scotchman Automatic Cold Saw
Model CPO 350 HFA
Capacity 3-1/2"
2013 10196
/quote/?model=New KMT Manual Vertical Downfeed Cold Saw, Model C316
New KMT Cold Saw, Manual, Vertical Downfeed
Model C316
Capacity 4"
Hyd-Mech Cold Saw, Semi-Automatic, Vertical Column, Model C350-2S, Capacity 4-1/2"
New Hyd-Mech Cold Saw, Semi-Automatic, Vertical Column
Model C350-2S
Capacity 4-1/2"
Used KMT Cold Saw, Manual, Miter
Model C315/350
Capacity 4-7/8"
KMT Cold Saw, Manual, Miter, Model C315/350, Capacity 4-7/8"
New KMT Cold Saw, Manual, Miter
Model C315/350
Capacity 4-7/8"
Eisele Cold Saw, Model PSU-450-CNC-2, Automatic, CNC, 6.3", Used
Used Eisele Cold Saw, Automatic, CNC
Model PSU-450--CNC-2
Capacity 6.3 "
2000 7893
Kaltenbach Heavy Duty Cold Saw Model HDM 1300
Capacity 19"
1983 9655
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