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Laser Cutting. A laser resonator emits a low-divergence beam of light with a well-defined wavelength that, when focused to a small spot, is capable of cutting metal. Most laser cutting machines found in metal fabricating shops range in power from 1.5 kW to 6 kW for cutting thickness capacities up to 1.5” thick.  With Fiber Laser generators, more power is being introduced on a regular basis.

Laser cutting machines are popular choices in fabricating shops because they can move from one material to another fairly quickly and can handle various thicknesses with a simple change in focus setting. Laser cut parts have a very small heat-affected zone because the laser can be focused very tightly.

Laser cutting control technology has improved, making management of the cutting process much simpler. Cutting heads adjust to maintain consistent height while cutting. Focus changes automatically when new material is introduced. A constant beam length is maintained on some machines with flying optics, helping to deliver consistent cutting performances. Assist gas delivery is adjusted as the laser moves to the next pallet. Many systems come with basic pallet changers, allowing operators to stage the next sheet while cutting continues on another sheet.  Lasers can also be used to trim parts and to also cut structural and piping material.

Fiber Optic Lasers appear to be the future in laser cutting.  They have only one optic and no laser generating gasses, no mirrors, no bellowS, no glass tubes and no high-speed blowers.  The "Generator" is 100% Solid State and requires no scheduled maintenance!

  Manufacturer, Model, Capacity Year Stock
New CY Fiber Optic Laser with Pallet Changer
Model 3015 5 KW
Capacity 5' x 10'
CY Laser video
Used Ermak USA Linear Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Model GEN-1
Capacity 6.5' x 13', 3KW
2012 W-1469
Used Laserdyne 1700 Watt Gantry Laser
Model 890 IV 5-Axis
Capacity 96" x 72" x 36" Z
Used Mitsubishi 5-Axis Laser
Model 2015 VZ1
Capacity 60" x 84"
CY Laser video
2001 W-1408