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Costa small part example
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Costa machines are adaptable to a broad range of shapes and materials

 Process parts as small as 4"
due to standard vacuum bed

Costa Square Tube
Costa Sanding Samples
A sampling of the brushes used in Costa Sanding Machines:
The machine opens up to 6" for plate or profiles!
Costa demonstrated their sanding machinery at Westbrook's Engineering Demo Days in July, 2011. People were amazed at the transformation of the materials run through the machinery and what material and cost savings they could realize.  The Costa machines are capable of slag removal, deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, surface finishing, graining and grinding. Read more about Demo Days... Costa Sander Demo at Westbrook Engineering Demonstration Days 2011
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M36 Series: Deburring + Polishing Machines

All in one deburring-finishing systems for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These machines are available in 1150 or 1350mm width. The frame is engineered to hold up to 3 internal working units. Machines are ideal for parts deburring, oxide removal, paint preparation and graining.

Cost M36 Sander at Westbrook Engineering
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W Series : Wet Process Deburring / Grinding
Heavy-Duty Machines

This wet process series combines the heavy-duty structure of constant pass-line technology with heavy duty working units, cylinders or brush units, equipped for tolerance grinding or other finishing operations. These machines can be equipped with 2 through 5 internal working units.

Costa Sander Brushes

MA Series : Deburring + Finishing Machines

All in one deburring-finishing systems for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This series of working centers is available with moving table for stand-alone processes or constant height table for in-line operations, or for processing large workpieces. These machines are aavailable in 1150 or 1350mm width. Thanks to their modular concept, these working centers can be customized according to the individual customer need, through a specific selection of the working units for each type of work to be performed. The frame is engineered to hold from 2 through 4 internal working units, and one external unit. The high structural rigidity of the frame as well as the feed bed combined with high-tech mechanics and electronics, make this series the perfect working center for your operation.

Costa Oxide Removal Closeup
Cost Oxide Removal
Costa Sanders MA Series Deburring and Finishing Machine

Costa Sander W Series for Wet Processes

Costa MS Series Deburring and Finishing - Heavy - Duty Machines

MS Series: Deburring + Finishing Machines
Heavy-Duty Machines

This series combines the heavy-duty structure of constant pass-line technology typical of industrial systems with working units engineered for deburring and finishing, therefore creating the "FORMULA ONE" of all deburring-finishing systems. Available in 3 different working widths, 650mm, 1150mm, 1350mm, these machines can be equipped with 2 through 5 internal working units, and up to 2 external working units. The constant pass-line feed ensures the highest rigidity. Different level of finish can be achieved in one pass through the optimal working unit combination. With the SB250 bursh units, with quick extraction system, it is possible to add a Scotch Brite (tm) finish to stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Therefore we made it now possible to deburr, polish , and brush finish at the industrial level with one machine only.

Parts run through the Costa Sander at Westbrook Engineering

The Most Versatile Finishing Machines in the World!
Costa Sanders at Westbrook Engineering

Costa Sanders, with both sanding belt and brushes, can do things that other sanding and finishing machines can't even dream of doing. They can do the work of two machines which saves you time handling parts. The metal pieces can go through two processes with just loading and unloading one time.

These machines can process 40 square feet of material per minute and do it consistently. The beds on the machines are vacuum which holds down the parts and allows you to process parts as small as 4" square or round.

The Costa combination belt and brush machines are used in aerospace, appliances, automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, and kitchenware / cookware.

Oxide removal
on 10 gauge
and 5/8" mild steel

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Click on photos for larger view

Costa Parts two finishes
Edge rounding and oxide removal only versus entire surface grinding