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The FACCIN product range represents what is considered to be the most technologically advanced bending rolls for plate & profiles available Worldwide.

4HEL 4 Roll Synchronized Plate Bending Rolls

The 4 Roll Double Pinch Pyramid machine is considered the most versatile, precise and easy to use plate roll with production times 3 to 4 times faster than a conventional pinch pyramid. Range from 5ft. to 60 ft. and thicknesses from .197” to 6”.


HAV- Variable Geometry 3 Roll Plate Roll

ROLLING POWER; Prebending Precision. All three rolls move; each one independent from the other. GREAT FOR THICK PLATE


RCMI “Double Pinch“ Angle Rolls

A solid structure built machine for rolling profi les with a high resistance to bending. The machines are built with heavy thickness plates of certifi ed quality steel. Electro-welded and heat treated to release the internal stresses.  From 3” to 10” angle.


3HEL- 3 Roll Double Pinch Plate Bending Rolls

Traditional 3 Roll double pinch plate bending machine with the capability of rolling/pre-bending-Ideal for the medium capacity fab shop. User Friendly. Versatile. Available from 5’ to 13’ and 1/8” to 1-3/16”


CNC Controller






BF40 Flanging Machine

Every BF Flanging machine is designed with a fast automatic working cycle to help inexperienced operators. Available with or withour “centre hole“ design.


PPM 800-8 Dishing Press with the Exclusive HPT System

Superior Frame Structure. Superior Forming Accuracy. Highest Reliability. HPT minimizes the deformation of the frame. Two solid forged, permanently pre-stressed tie rods are used to keep the base connected to the upper beam with a constant compression load. Very high and consistent quality.

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