The World Leader in Punching and Shearing Machines

Geka has earned its name as a pioneering and trusworthy brand in the metalwork sector due to its continuous developments and hard work from the very first manual shearing machines to today's cutting-edge automated equipment. 

Geka Ironworkers process angles, flat bar and steel profiles used in the construction of prefab metal structures; towers for high-voltage power lines and power stations; telecommunication towers; and other divers industrial metalworking applications.


Universal Punching and Shearing Machines with Permanent Bending Station.

See Additional Bendi-Crop Specs


Two-Cylinder Punching and Shearing Machines.

Where production requires twin operator machines, higher speeds or greater capacity Geka provides the solution with the Hydracrop range with five work stations.

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One Cylinder Universal Ironworker with Four

Optional Blades for shearing UPN and IPN section up to 100 mm:


Four Stations Plus a Shearing Angle Section

The Multicrop Includes Standard Shear Blades:

Common Features to Minicrop and Multicrop:


Ironworker One Cylinder Punching Machine with Three Work Stations


Hydraulic Punching Machines


Bringing the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to punching of steel

Auto Gauge at Punch - Auto Feeder at Shear:

CNC Feeder for Punch

• Three on-demand, programmable punches
• Diameters up to 1-9/16”
• Punching is accomplished by means of forcible strokes or blows
• Excellent for operations requiring identical perforations with varying diameters
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