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Vertical Column machines provide the construction that is the most stable of all cold saws.  This means superior sawframe guidance and vibration-free sawing, and greater accuracy throughout the entire life of the machine.

The sawframe is quickly and accurately swiveled to any angle up to 45 degrees left or 60 degrees right, with a highly visible scale for optimum accuracy returning to zero.

The sawframe feed is rack and pinion which means you can easily pull through heavy workpieces effortlessly.

The Model C316 is a step up from hinge type construction and may be used for production of tubes and profiles and small solids.

KMT Model C370SA-V

The Model C370 SA-V machine is the ultimate semi-automatic production sawing machine.

A full control system provides important sawing data such as:

  • Blade drive amps during operation
  • Blade life
  • Cycle timer
  • Piece counter
  • Digital blade speed readout
  • Diagnostics

The operator's console features soft-touch controls for all setup and sawing operations.

Infinitely variable blade speeds and infinitely variable vise clamping pressure are standard equipment.

  • One saw blade (14-1/2")
  • Heavy-duty precision-ground saw bed
  • Electricals to NFPA-79 electrical standards
  • Heavy-duty drive, TEFC motors
  • Totally enclosed transmission
  • Full blade guarding, easily removed
  • Operator's tools
  • Operator's manual/parts list
  • Powered rotary cleaning brush
KMT Saw Accessories
Custom Roll Conveyors
Accu-Cut Lenght Systems
Custom Roller Conveyor with micro-adjustable legs, mounted to machine, 5' and 10' lengths available
KMT Model 316
Accu-cut custom length system stop with scale, micro-adjustable legs.
Work Table Conveyors
Custom worktable/conveyor with micro-adjustable legs, mounted to machine.  Cover plates between rollers provide worktable surface 72" and 144" lengths available.
Work Table Accu-Cut
Custom worktable/conveyor with Accu-cut custom length system stop with scale, micro-adjustable legs 72" and 144" lengths available.
Vertical Side Guide Rollers
Vertical Side Guide Rollers for custom conveyors only
Roller Conveyors
Freestanding Roller Conveyors 5' and 10' lengths available
Pneumatic Top Clamp

Pneumatic Top Clamp

Semi-automatic models only



Semi-automatic models only