Solutions For Sheet Metal Parts Production -
Straight from the Coil!

CNC Coil Punching, Bending and Laser Cutting Lines

Coil widths up to 60” Wide

PivaPunch is a programmable punching center for coil material. It’s designed either for coils or for coils and blanks. Our basic PivaPunch is available for versatile jobs, and our customized versions are equipped according to your specific needs to help you take a tiger leap in productivity.

Can Punch, Laser, Bend & Form, Emboss and Stack

PivaPunch and PivaBend are integrated into one production line where finished parts are produced straight from the coil in one run. Parts can also be roll formed when applicable. Jobs like welding and clinching are added when necessary to make your products complete in one run.

Quick Change Cassette Tools

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