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Waterjet Corporation
is a world leader provider of Waterjet cuttings systems.   Since 1991 it has built well over one thousand systems and shipped them worldwide.    Waterjet Corporation offers a very broad line of machine configurations, ranging from 2x2 ft tables to 40 ft plus tables.   The machines can feature up to 6 NC controlled axis, multiple cutting heads, dual bridge and many other features.   The Ultra High Pressure pumps integrated in each systems are built KMT Waterjet. Waterjet Corporation is solely focused on designing and building Waterjet cutting systems.

Waterjet Corporation’s product line ranges for very small cutting machines – Micro Jet - to very large, multiple bridge and multiple head systems.   Each machine type has 3 NC axis (XYZ) and can optionally be provided with 4, 5 or 6 axis.   With a Waterjet Corporation machine it is possible to bevel cut, cut in 3D, cut in tandem or cut independently different parts on the same cutting table.  KMT Waterjet is the choice builder and provider of the high and ultra-high pressure pumps integrated on each machine.  Waterjet Corporation’s machines can be supplied with units having up to 90,000 psi and 200HP.

Waterjet Corporation additionally offers a large selection of useful advanced options and ancillary equipment that are desirable on a modern cutting system.

Like very few other machines on the market, Waterjet Corporation machines are designed and built to be extremely solid and durable.   The water tank is always separate from the machine motion system to ensure the highest level of accuracy and repeatability over the life of the machine.   All machines built by Waterjet Corporation are subject to strict in-process inspection and quality control procedures.   Finally, once assembled, all machines are tested and certified, prior to shipping.

PRATICA FB 510 - Flying Bridge Technology - 4' x 4' to 6' 1/2 x 13' 1/2

Separate Tank, 3 and 5 axis CNC Flying Bridge technology with ball screw transmissions and automatic lubricating system.


SUPREMA® DX 510 - 4' x 4' to 11' x 20' - 4 axis I.T.C™

Accurate waterjet cutting machine equipped with 4 axis I.T.C Intelligent Taper Control with Touch Probe and Anti-Collision devices.

Separate Stainless Steel Tank and Ball Screw Transmission with automatic lubricating system


CLASSICA - 3 axis Technology - CL510 - 4' x 4' to 6' 1/2 x 13' 1/2

SiCompact high performance Waterjet Cutting Machine studied for an easy operation and built with high quality commercial components suitable for any standard 2D cutting job application.

Integrated Stainless Steel Tank and 3 axis CNC gantry technology with helicoidal rack and pinion transmissions and self lubrication system


EVOLUTION X5 - 5 Axis 2D-3D Technology - 4' x 4' to 11' x 20'

Waterjet Gantry Machining Center equipped with 5 axis Evolution 3D cutting system which automatically maintains a constant distance between the nozzle and the material, through the use of a touch probe device. This is also done while the cutting head is rotating and working.

The interpolation of the axis can reach up to ± 69º (optional 90°), in any direction.

It is also possible to interpolate all axis simoultaneusly, monitoring the cut profile by a laser pointer integrated on the cutting head.

  • Innovative design, aluminum casting Infinite Rotation of the C- Axis
  • Inclination +/- 69° of the A-axis
  • Innovative 4 Multi Swivel System (US PATENTED) High Pressure Water, Air, Abrasive, Electrical
  •  Laser pointer for 2D and 3D visual countouring control
  • 3D Cam Software with I.T.C.™ (Intelligent Tapering Control™)


  • Integrated Touch Probe and anticollision System, Laser Pointer and Vacuum Assist Sensor
  • The five-axis Evolution 3D cutting system automatically maintains a constant distance between the nozzle and the material, through the use of a touch probe device.  This is also done while the cutting head is rotating.  The interpolation of the axis can reach up to +/- 69 degrees (optional 90 degrees), in any directions.  It is also possible to interpolate all axis simultaneously, monitoring the cut profile with a laser pointer, integrated on to the cutting head.
5 axis device with integrated touch probe and anti-collision device able
to maintain a constant distance between the nozzle and the material

6 axis tube waterjet cutting

3D Dome Cutting

Single or Double Bevelling

The I.T.C™ System corrects for taper and achieves wall straightness and the highest possible cutting speeds, by compensating through CNC the inclination (up to 2°) and orientation of the high pressure water jet. This ensures a high quality part at a low cost.
During the I.T.C™ compensation, the Jet is also directed towards the piece in order to reduce the Tail Delay effect and the acceleration-deceleration ramp times in the corners, for faster and more economical cutting cycles.

The WaterCad-Cam™ Software generates the I.T.C™ Program just by a few clicks 


KMT Streamline Pro

60,000 and 90,000 PSI Available
Increases cutting power density by 83%

Cuts made with KMT Intensifier Pump:

12 Inch thick Aluminun:

4 Inch Carbon Steel:


Double table with an automatic revolving bridge

Allows material unloading and loading from one table, once the cutting cycle ends, while on the second table a new cut cycle has been started.  Reduced down time; increases safety and the uptime of the cutting system.


Classica Double Independent Bridge

Stainless Steel Tank and 3 axis CNC gantry technology with lelical rack and pinion transmission and lubricating system.


CNC Control

WaterCad-Cam Software

WaterCam includes a database that allows the user to easily store and recall existing part files that can be placed on a given size sheet/plate for cutting, quantities of stored pieces to be positioned on one or more sheets.

The AUTOMATIC NESTING function helps optimizing the sheet/plate utilization while reducing scrap.



Plasmajet PL510

Classica CL 510 with combined Plasma Waterjet technology and single CNC which switches automatically the HMI as soon as each cutting process starts.

Plasma Torch and Waterjet cutting head fully integrated with touch probe sensor and anticollision devices

Parts cut by the Plasmajet:

High Definition Hypertherm  Plasma HDP 130 or 260 Amp



Waterjet Corporation Plant:

Each waterjet cutting system is 100% test prior to shipping from the assembly plant. With every machine a test cupon is cut at the assembly plant to verify that all the specified accuracies are met.  Subsequently, the same cupon is cut again at the buyer's facility, by the Waterjet installer, following the system's start up.

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