Used Tannewitz Vertical Plate Cutting Bandsaw
With Programmable Controls
144" x 8", Model 3000-MH8
Year 1993, Stock No. 8963

    Non-Ferrous Saws, New and Used, In Stock, Westbrook Engineering Non-Ferrous Saws, New and Used, In Stock, Westbrook Engineering Non-Ferrous Saws, New and Used, In Stock, Westbrook Engineering


     Throat: 30”
     Maximum under guide: 8”
     Maximum longitudinal: 144”
     Maximum width (with
     programmable feed):
Remnant length: 2”
Feed rate: ½ to 25 ipm
Feed pressure: Variable 50 to 300 lbs
Blade speeds: Variable 55 to 350 sfm
Blade width range: Minimum 1” to 2” maximum
Blade length: 17’
Bandsaw blade drive: 5 HP, 240/480 volt (currently wired at 240 volt)
Gear ratio: 86.5
Blade wheels: 2 – 30” diameter all steel with Tannewitz “speed change” rubber tires
Bridge clamps: (6) six hydraulically actuated clamps
Coolant system: Pneumatically assisted
Hydraulic system: 5 HP, 15 gpm, hydraulic pumps and reservoir to JIC spec.
Feed table dimensions: 60” wide x 156” long
(weight capacity:  12,000 lbs)
Approximate floor space requirements: 244” L x 161” W x 93” H
Approximate weight: 14,000 lbs.

Features & Equipment:

• Complete automated, programmable saw for cutting steel plate
• Will accommodate carbide tipped blades
• Fully hydraulic blade tensioning (35,000 PSI)
• Blade breakage shutoff
• Powered chip brush
• Hydraulic blade guide positioning
• Reliance variable speed blade drive system
• AccuLube Mist Lube System
• All steel Tannewitz guides with carbide jaws (adjustable to accommodate blade widths from 1”-2”)
• Cutting head travels on hardened Thomson round ways with master rail mounted to the table
• Electronically controlled ball screw driven indexing for exceptional repeatability of 48” maximum cut widths
• DX indexing system for maximum productivity provides for:
o (3) Hydraulically actuated rear clamps that hold the plate during indexing
o Re-programming during any cut or after the last program
o Programmable cut off widths
o Programmable number of pieces
o Programmable multiple jobs

Other Features:

Operator/Management Controls:

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