Here's what sets us apart!

We are a full-service stocking dealer.  Every inventoried machine is put through an in-depth, multi-point inspection process and professionally repaired.

We put our Bandsaws through a 20 Point Inspection and Repair Process assuring immediate performance.

Our inventoried machinery can be inspected under power in our 35,000 square foot warehouse.  Live web demonstrations are also available.

Most of our inventoried machines come with an "MDNA" 30 Day Return Privilege.

Put our over 50 years of experience and knowledge to work for you!

Grinders, Sanders, Finishers, Tumblers

Grinders; grinding is used in many manufacturing processes to produce a fine surface finish on an object and to bring the size of an object to within very fine tolerances.  A grinding machine has devices that hold an unfinished object and move it past the machine’s abrasive wheel or belt, which is driven by a motor.  For less exacting work, such as sharpening cutting tools, objects can be hand held and ground by a machine consisting mainly of an abrasive wheel or belt.

Belt Sander; a machine used to sand metal and other materials for finishing purposes.  It consists of an electric motor that turns a pair of drums on which a seamless loop of mounted sandpaper turns.  Belt sanders are often used for removing and deburring metals. Non-ferrous metals tend to clog grinding wheels, quickly making them useless for grinding soft metals, while belt sanders continue to grind without clogging. Brushes can also be used in conjunction with the sanding belt for oxide removal, deburring and rounding edges.

Disc Sander; A disc sander is most commonly known as a stationary machine that consists of a replaceable circular shaped sandpaper attached to a wheel being electrically spun around.  The work piece is supported on a front table that can be adjusted to various angles.  It can be used for rough or fine sanding depending on the sanding grit used.


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