Used DoAll Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, C305A, 2011, Stock No. 10348


Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, round: 12”
Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, square: 12” x 12”
Blade dimensions: 1-1/4” x 144” x .035
Blade guides: Carbide
Guide arm (manual / powered):     Manual
Blade speeds: 60-350 FPM
Number of speeds: Infinite
Blade motor: 5 H.P.
Blade drive type: Motor to pulley
Blade tension type: Hydraulic
Blade wheel size:    15”
Coolant type: Flood
Maximum feed length: 16” (128” with multi index)
Number of multi indexes: 8x
Table height: 30”
Discharge Table Size: 14” x 13”
Vise type:  Hydraulic
Remnant length: 5”
Currently Wired: 220 volt 3 phase
Dimensions: 100” x 75” x 51”
Weight:    4,200 Lbs.

Equipped with:
Spring loaded, zero clearance, carbide-faced saw guides with lead-in roller on LH guide arm
Coolant system integral coolant pump, coolant applied through saw guides
Split front vise
Hydraulic chip auger
Digital blade speed readout
Hydraulic drive blade chip brush
Flushing hose
Variable vise pressure
Preset digital cut counter
Discharge tray with coolant return
Saw head rapid approach control
Automatic work height sensor
Easy set stock index with digital readout
Rapid travel index vise control
Out of stock sensor
Idler wheel motion detector, stops machine automatically if band stalls in workpiece
Random cut positioning  and door interlocks
Multiple index (8) with band kerf compensation

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