Machine Category:

Automated Welding Systems

Manufacturer date: 2012

Brand: Cloos

CLOOS High Performance Dual Station Robotic Welding Cell

Cell Description:
The Cell consists of a fully programmable 7-Axis welding robot programmed to travel longitudinally along a 10 M long base. Vertical travel of the robot is 1.5 M. Parts are fixtured on (2) CLOOS positioners which are independently programmable and can be synchronized with the welding robot enabling the system to access difficult areas and follow complicated contours. 

Advantages and Benefits for the User:
  • Robust Construction 
  • Optimum Dynamics with a High Accuracy 
  • Slim and Compact Design 
  • Digital AC-Drive Technology 
  • Absolute Path Measuring System 
  • Large Hemispherical Working Range
  • Long service life and long intervals between maintenance work 
  • Easy integration of mechanics into production lines due to the low floor space required and the low weight
  • Optimum accessibility of the work piece
  • High dynamics guarantee excellent path accuracy even with high travel speeds
  • Easy integration with sensors guarantee optimum quality despite workpiece tolerances 
  • Enclosed cable guides, therefor no damage caused by external influences 
  • Excellent productivity due to short acceleration and delay times and high-speed spatial movements of the robot
  • Flexible use of the robot due to the articulated arm construction providing greater dexterity irrespective of mounting position 
Robot Technology:
The CLOOS QRC 410 welding robot is a robust industrial robot in articulated arm construction. The articulated arm principle where all axes have a large indexing range give the welding robot greater dexterity as well as a large hemispherical working range. The robot arm provides rigidity with a slim and compact design. With the high dynamics and backlash-free transmission of power to the axes, it ensures accuracy, speed and repeatability for excellent path welding. The rigid construction of the QRC 350 is evident in that no extra equipment such as a stabilizer, air compensating cylinder or counterweights is required to increase dynamics. The brakes which are integrated into the motor operate according to closed circuit principle and prevent dangerous movement of the axes, even when a power failure occurs. 
  • CLOOS Model #QRC-E 410, Dynamic 7-Axis Welding Robot Mounted to Longitudinal Base
  • Fully Programmable Longitudinal Base Allows for 10 Meters of Linear Rail Travel of Robot 
  • Fully Programmable Vertical Track Allows for 1.5 Meters of Linear Rail Travel of Robot 
  • Torch Changing Station with Collision Sensor Automatically Changes Between Single and Tandem Torch Heads to Achieve Optimal Weld Seams
  • 90 Degree and 35 Degree Torch Heads
  • Torch Nozzle Cleaners Automatically Clean Both Single and Tandem Torch Heads
  • A Laser Sensor is Fixed to the Robot Arm and Ensures Optimum Arc Welding Performance for either Single or Tandem Torch Heads
Welding Technology:
  • (2)  CLOOS Model GLC 603 Quinto II SD, 600 Amp High Performance, Pulsed Arc Welding Power Sources
  • (2) CLOOS CK 118 R K SD, Wire Feed Units for Tandem Torch Head
  • CLOOS CK 118 K SD (Left Version) Wire Feed Unit for Tandem Torch Head
  • (3) Additional Wire Feed Units for Feeding either from Wire Drum or Wire De-Coiling Unit and Wire Drive Unit
Positioner Technology:
  • (2) CLOOS WPEK - 30000N, Work Piece Positioners with Freely Programmable Turn Axis and Tilting Axis. Synchronization of the Robot Axes with the Motions of the Work Piece Positioners Enables the Robot System to follow complicated contours.
  • Faceplate Load: 30,000 N
  • Drive Power: 3.1 / 1.87 KW
  • Torque: 5700 NM
  • Mass Moment of Inertia: 3,000 KGM2
  • Faceplate Diameter: 1060 MM
  • Center Height Swiveling Axis: 1,480 MM
  • Free Turning Radius: 2,000 MM
  • Maximum Turning Speed: 22.8 degrees per second
  • Maximum Swiveling Speed: 8.4 degrees per second 
  • Turning Range: 720 degrees
  • Tilting Range: 370 degrees
Peripheral Equipment:
  • Safety Fencing Prevents entry into the working range of the Robot and Positioners. It also protects operator(s) near the system from harmful arc rays. 
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Remote Pendant Control
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