USED AMADA 33 TON CNC TURRET PUNCH MODEL PEGA 367, Stock# 10959, Year: 1995


USED AMADA 33 TON CNC TURRET PUNCH MODEL PEGA 367, Stock# 10959, Year: 1995



Machine Category:

Punches, Turret

Manufacturer date: 1995

Brand: Amada
Model: Pega 367


Punching Capacity: 33 Tons
Sheet Size: 60” (throat) x 72” (longer using Auto Repo.)
Thickest Material: .250” Mild steel
Max. Hole Diameter: 4-1/2”
Number of Stations: 44 (2 auto-index)
Strokes per Minute: 350
Axis Speed: 2000 I.P.M.
Turret Rotation: 30 R.P.M.
Hits per Minute 1” Moves: 220
Nibbling Hits per Minute: 350
Standard Control: Fanuc O4PC
Tape Format: E.I.A. or A.S.C.I.I.
Programming Mode: Absolute/Incremental
Smallest Programmable Increment:  .001”
Axis & Turret Drive: AC Servo Motors
Main Motor: 5 HP 220/440/3/60 Volts
Machine Weight: 31,000 Lbs.
Press Drive: Hydro/Mechanical clutch and Brake

Equipped with:
Built-in Microprocessor – Standard software included for programming a comprehensive set of patterns used in punching, nibbling, and notching operations.

Diagnostic System – Extensive diagnostic system indicates programming errors and pinpoints machine and control malfunctions.

Stripping Sensor – Automatically halts machine operation if tool does not strip.

Automatic Repositioning – Heavy duty work holders secure material during repositioning.

Wet clutch.

Metric or inch dimensional programming.

Precision ground re-circulating ball leads screws for X and Y Axis.

Crash proof clamp sensors.

Hardened and ground turret index pins and bushings.

Fanuc O4PC Control.

Large assortment of tooling.


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