USED BAILEIGH 1/4″ X 52″ HYDRAULIC SHEAR MODEL SH-5203-HD, Stock# 10826, Year 2014


USED BAILEIGH 1/4" X 52" HYDRAULIC SHEAR MODEL SH-5203-HD, Stock# 10826, Year 2014



Machine Category:

Shears, Power Squaring (In)

Manufacturer date: 2014

Brand: Baileigh
Model: SH-5203-HD
Shear Length: 52"
Thickness: 1/4" 
Blade rake angle: .5 to 2.0 degrees
Back gauge length: 23.62" (manually operated)
Strokes per minute: 16 – 24
Support arm length: 39.37"
Blade angle: 1/2° – 2° adjustable
Blade gap adjustment: Manual (lever actuated)
Power: 220V / 3-phase
Motor: 15 H.P.
Minimum material thickness: 24ga
Shipping dimensions: 88" x 54" x 66"
Shipping weight: 5,820lbs

  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system can take anything you throw at it.
  • Heavy support arms keep your material square to the blade.
  • Easy to operate: just press the foot pedal. Hydraulic hold-downs grab the material to ensure a straight cut, then the blade drops.
  • Switch between 3 modes as needed:
    • Jog mode: Inching the blade down to the material.
    • Single cycle mode: One cut for one pedal push.
    • Automatic cycling mode: Continuously cutting for production runs.
  • Control panel includes rake angle adjustment, jog/run/stop controls, and production counter.
  • Adjust the blade gap in seconds to prevent crimping or folding, especially when working on thinner materials.
  • Adjustable rake angle can change for your material thickness, giving you cleaner cuts and reducing strain on the hydraulics.
  • It’s simple to set the right rake angle: just hit a button, move the lever, and a light goes on when you reach the correct angle.
  • High carbon chromium blades.
  • 2-sided upper blades and 4-sided lower blades can be flipped and resharpened many times, saving you money.
  • Fully welded plate steel frame ensures rigidity and prolongs blade life.
  • Shadow light stretches the entire length of the web width for proper placement of the beginning of the cut, for those one-off shearing requirements.
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