USED HYD-MECH MODEL H 40/40 HORIZONTAL DUAL COLUMN BANDSAW, 41″ x 41″ Stock No. 10728, Year 1993


USED HYD-MECH MODEL H 40/40 HORIZONTAL DUAL COLUMN BANDSAW, 41" x 41" Stock No. 10728, Year 1993



Machine Category:

Saws, Band, Horizontal, Dual Column

Manufacturer date: 1993

Brand: Hyd-Mech
Model: H 40/40


Capacity: 41"T x 41"W
Round capacity: 41"
Blade: 37' x 3" x .063"
blade guides: Carbide
Blade speeds: 75 - 400 FPM (infinitely variable) 
Blade wheel diameter: 45"

Coolant type: Flood
Coolant tank capacity: 27 gallons

Blade motor: 20 H.P. with VFD
Weight capacity: 50,000 Lbs. 
Hydraulic motor: 10 H.P.
Hydraulic tank capacity: 17 gallons

Vise type: Hydraulic
Voltage: 600 volt 3 phase
Table height: 27"

Dimensions: 203" x 102" x 135"
Weight: 39,000 Lbs.

Equipped with:
120" conveyor
Hydraulic guide arm

Hydraulic chip auger
Blade breakage switch
Hydraulic blade tension 
Powered blade chip brush
Cast iron blade wheels
Work light
Powered rollers built into saw base

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